Serious Health Benefits of Yoga in the Morning

It is a scientific fact that morning people are overall happier and more satisfied with their life. If that doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning, maybe some yoga might help. 

Imagine waking up to see the sunrise, hear the birds chirping, and feel the tension leave your body as you start the day with a sun salutation. Embracing the day is just one of the many benefits of yoga in the morning.

There are many mental, physical, spiritual, and rational reasons to start your day with yoga.

Read on to see why you should consider making yoga part of your morning routine. 

Give You “Me Time”

Mornings are still and quiet, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy some peaceful “me time” practicing yoga. Everyone else is asleep so you can find a remote spot in your house or even in the backyard on a pleasant day.

Turn on light yoga or meditation music without being disturbed by the sounds of the day. 

If you have children, you can squeeze in private time before you have to attend to their needs. Your focus is on your morning practice. Remove the thought of chores, work, and obligations from your mind as you focus on your well-being. 

Recognize and appreciate this special moment where you can look inward. And start your day with positive thoughts by accomplishing your goals in the morning.

It is more difficult to find this opportunity during the day, so embrace your morning yoga practice as a precious opportunity for some personal time.

Start Your Day Calm and Focused

Morning yoga is good for setting the pace of the day. You, like everyone else, tend to rush through your routine without hesitation. This makes each day a race rather than a joy.

The world passes you by. The faster you go, the faster your life goes, and the less significant it becomes. By practicing yoga in the morning, you can tell your brain to take notice of the world around you. 

This brings mental clarity and focus to all that you do. You won’t feel like a machine making generic movements but a soul dancing freely to the songs of life. 

Get in a Good Mood

Starting your day with time for yourself while calming and focusing your mind will put you in a good mood, which is one of many reasons why it’s good to do yoga in the morning.

Your worries and anxieties will slip away as you have had a chance to reflect and remove negativity from your thoughts. This isn’t just pseudoscience. Exercise releases serotonin in the brain to relieve depression and induce gratitude.

This can also help you regulate your emotional response. It could assist with anger management, ease habits of frustration, and keep you more emotionally balanced. 

Gets You Motivated

For some people, waking up at the crack of dawn is a feat in itself. Imagine accomplishing a satisfying yoga routine to top off your morning. 

Yoga might make you feel like you can tackle any problem throughout the day. You will feel confident in yourself to face situations that you usually shy away from at work or in your personal life. 

If you present yourself a challenge first thing in the morning, it shows that you have the dedication needed to meet all your goals. So, you may try something else that you thought was impossible. 

Yoga is just the beginning of a transformation in lifestyle as you believe in yourself more and notice the benefits of doing so. 

Creates a Consistent Schedule

The best reason why yoga is good in the morning is that it can be done at the same time every day. 

During the day, it can be difficult to nearly impossible to rely on a consistent schedule. Things unexpectedly come up that can interfere with your yoga practice.  

Mornings offer a predictable time-frame that you can rely on. This will make it easier to practice yoga every day without creating the excuse that you do not have time. 

If you wait until the evening or nighttime, you may tell yourself that you are too exhausted. And if you try to do yoga when you’re tired, then you may not put all of your efforts into it. You will also have your day’s thoughts in your head.

It is best to do yoga when no interruptions or mishaps can lead you to cancel your plans. 

Gets Your Blood Moving 

Yoga isn’t just for your mind. Yoga health benefits also include your body. 

Stretching, twisting, and moving your joints and muscles increases the circulation in your bloodstream. This provides vital benefits to your organs and overall health. 

It increases the oxygen in your blood, which feeds organs and gives you energy. Poor circulation can lead to inflammation and chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

After a long night’s sleep, it is essential to get your blood moving throughout your body first thing in the morning. It is a sort of “first breakfast” that helps your body to function optimally. 

Removes Stiffness from Joints and Muscle Pain

Your body stays in one position all night so that you may wake up with stiff joints and aching muscles. 

You can improve your flexibility while releasing the fluid built up in your joints at the same time.

Muscle pain can also be reduced as you strengthen them simultaneously. The great benefits of yoga for women is its low-resistant weight training. You don’t have to buy dumbbells or strain your joints by lifting more than your body mass.

Weak muscles mean that bones and joints do not have the support they need to align correctly. This can cause severe back and neck discomfort, especially in the morning.

Eliminate these symptoms by performing asanas (poses) that improve your flexibility and strength. Doing this in the morning saves you from a painful day ahead and limits your use of medications such as painkillers.

Yoga is the natural remedy to many of your body’s ailments.

Your Stomach is Empty

Working out with food digesting in your stomach is uncomfortable and inhibiting, especially during yoga. You do a lot of bending and twisting, which can upset your stomach if there is any food in it. 

Ancient Hatha yoga requires that all your food be digested, so you should not eat 10 to 12 hours before practicing. This means that the best time to perform yoga may be when you wake up before breakfast.

If your colon is blocked with food, then energy does not flow properly, according to Hatha. The body must be pure and clear from foreign substances to activate chakras and align with the divine spirit. 

Detox the Body and Boost Immune System

Stretching and moving the body into unique positions that you don’t do in normal activity releases toxins from the body. It does this by draining fluid from the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream.

This fluid called lymph contains white blood cells that fight infection, boost your immune system, and clean out waste in the blood.

Doing this in the morning is best as the body has been stationary for hours. Fluid builds up and should be released through stretching. 

Improve Digestive System

As you detox the body by removing waste and providing fresh blood to organs, your body performs better.

You may notice that you digest food easier. This avoids gas pains and stomach aches as your body processes food effectively. 

Your metabolism is also stimulated through deep breaths that offer oxygen to your entire respiratory system, leading to more detoxification effects. 

Fall Asleep Easier

The benefits of yoga performed in the morning follow you throughout the day and into the night.

You will notice that you are less stressed, have more energy, feel more accomplished throughout the day, and you will sleep better at night. 

Being in a meditative state also eliminates racing thoughts and anxiety that usually keep you up at night. Your mind and body will be prepared for a restful night’s sleep.

Knowing that you need to wake up for yoga in the morning will keep you from staying up late for no reason. You always have something to keep you disciplined. 

Long-term Benefits of Yoga in the Morning

To get the most health benefits of yoga in the morning, you must be devoted to your morning yoga practice. The more you do, the more you will see your results, whether that is losing weight, becoming more mindful, or just feeling good. 

The key to being persistent is to always challenge yourself with different styles of yoga, yoga poses and new asanas. Visit our Practicing Different Yoga Styles article to get started.