How to Find the Best Online Yoga Classes: A Beginner’s Guide

There are over one million yoga instructors in London alone. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it seems that way!

The right yoga teacher will keep you focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic. They will keep you returning to the same class each week.

Some, however, prefer the privacy and flexibility of online yoga classes.

Do online yoga classes teach as effectively as in-person courses? Where can I find the best online yoga?

Here are some thoughts.

Why Online Yoga?

The benefits of yoga are undeniable. You will increase your flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. You will improve your overall cardio and circulatory health. You can also decrease your stress and improve your mental health through deep breathing and relaxation.

Unlike gym or studio classes where you will need to adjust your schedule to accommodate your yoga practice, online yoga classes allow you to have a yoga class when it is convenient for you. If you are up early or want to wait until the kids go to bed, you will not feel that you have to rush so you can practice yoga.

Those who travel for in-person yoga may find themselves attending the same classes each week. This is great if you are comfortable with your routine.

Online yoga classes, however, allow you to vary the type of yoga that you practice. Are you interested in vinyasa yoga today? Would you like to learn more about yin yoga when you are more stressed out?

Online yoga courses give you the opportunity to try out different teachers, styles, and workshops. You can learn from world-class instructors with a variety of strengths.

You may be the type of person who is easily intimidated by a room full of yoga practitioners, some of whom are very advanced. Online yoga allows you to have the support of a teacher without the discomfort of exercising in front of others.

If you prefer the company of other yogis, online yoga can also provide a community of from all over the world that you can engage with. Learn about retreats, festivals, and the latest yoga trends together.

What To Look For

You will want to consider the type of yoga class you are looking for before you begin searching for the right one. 

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular types. You will practice flowing smoothly from one pose to the next. Breath is used to connect the movements.

Vinyasa is a bit fast-paced and, while gentle, can allow you to burn calories. It has a cardiovascular component many practitioners like. 

Hatha yoga is designed to calm your mind. While it moves through poses the way Vinyasa does, it is generally more calming and relaxing. Hatha is a great class for beginners.

Power yoga involves speed and rapid body movements.  If you are at least somewhat experienced and looking for yoga that will keep you fit, power yoga is a great option.

Some practitioners prefer yoga that incorporates a meditation aspect. Others are looking for therapeutic yoga. There is an online course for every element you are looking for.

You may be looking for an instructor who is quite energetic. Others prefer a calm, soothing voice.

There are lots of online communities you can join when you are looking for recommendations. Be sure to ask if new yogis felt comfortable and appropriately challenged by instructors. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Were the video libraries easy to navigate? Were all instructors good, or did they have to do a lot of searching before finding a decent class? If you find a lot of people saying the same thing, you probably have a good idea of what your experience will be like.

Of course, online yoga classes give you the option of switching off any classes that they are not comfortable with. You can move on to something that is more of what you were looking for right away!

Free Yoga

Online yoga is a great way to get rolling if you are on a budget. Just set up your home computer or hook the internet up to your big screen,  and you have the studio experience without spending a dime!

Do Yoga With Me is a popular free online option. Full classes, tutorials, and meditation classes are all available. Work on breathing and posing separately before participating in an online class.

Classes on Do Yoga With Me range from beginner to advanced, with the average class being around 90 minutes long. The video pages will allow you to personalize your search based on level, length, and instructor. 

Yoga For Dummies is a six-part series of ten-minute videos. If you are interested in a free starter class, check out options like a “30-Minute Vinyasa Weight-Loss Routine” or a “60-minute Power Yoga For Weight Loss.”

Be More Yogic works with a moderate list of instructors. After you register, you can try some short videos. There is also a paid option that unlocks a larger selection.

Other Options

A Glo subscription will get you unlimited yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. Glo is designed with busy people in mind. A free trial is available in case you want to try out the classes before you commit.

MyYogaWorks offers classes that range from five to ninety minutes. Classes may focus on your midline, hamstrings, or mental vitality. Their “Journey” series will allow you to explore videos in areas like postnatal, healing, or restorative.

Grokker offers a lot of on-demand videos in areas like yin yoga, weight loss yoga, and morning yoga. You can also find programs in areas like cardio, dance, and weight training.

Grokker focuses on employee health, and it is a great way to have employees connect and get in shape. Videos also include dieting ideas for a healthy lifestyle and mental health awareness.

The Journey Junkie focuses on intentions, positivity, and courage. The site is easy to follow and comes complete with tutorials and guided meditations.

Those who are drawn to Tai Chi may be interested in Strala. It combines yoga with Tai Chi and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. 

Strala classes focus on particular needs, including morning energysleeping better, or building strength. Strala will take you through deep breathing,  gentle moving, and making positive connections with yourself. Instructors have wonderful energy.

More advanced yogis may want to check out Yoga International. Knowledgeable teachers can help you advance your skills and deepen your practice. You can check out popular classes like “Love Your Warrior Feet” or “Invigorate Your Day.”

Benefits Of Online Yoga

Online yoga is a perfect way for busy parents and professionals to develop their strength and flexibility in their own time. Yoga also perfects your posture by teaching you how to balance over your spine. This can help you avoid joint problems and fatigue.

A more cardiovascular yoga program can get your heart rate up. This can relieve your risk of depression and heart attacks. 

Consistent yoga practice can also lead to an increase in serotonin levels. This can decrease the stress hormone cortisol that is dangerous in high doses. It can also help to improve immune function.

Yoga is also great for helping you to focus on the present. This may improve your coordination, reaction time, and memory. Those who meditate regularly can solve problems and recall information better.

Yoga can reduce feelings of anger by increasing compassion and interconnection, calming the nerves in your mind. Destructive emotions like anger are often linked to heart attacks. Your emotional well-being can heal you physically as well.

Middle-aged and senior practitioners will be happy to know that yoga can reduce the effects of aging on their bodies.

Your joints use their full range of motion in yoga. This can help prevent arthritis by “squeezing and soaking” areas of cartilage that aren’t normally used. 

The weight-bearing exercise can also strengthen your bones and help ward off osteoporosis. Certain poses target bones that are particularly prone toward osteoporotic fractures, including the elbows and knees. A lowering of the stress hormone cortisol can help keep calcium in your bones.

The weight loss encouraged by Yoga can help you to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attack risks that can visit us later in life.

The Best Online Yoga Classes

The best online yoga classes allow you to target your overall health. They will provide easy ways to find classes that comfort and challenge you at the same time. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you!

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